uhuy tortoise shell brown lens








Taken from Ainu (indigenous people from the northern region of the Japanese archipelago) language which translated as "burning"

This form were inspired by the strong presence of the edge of Mt. Aso in Kumamoto. We brought you a mix of edge and curve, sharp yet refined sirmont.

Light and comfortable, well-fitted and stress-free design.

*Due to the characteristic of the material, each one has slightly different patterns.

(Current item will not have two dots at the front part due to specification change for the end parts) 





Celluloid eyeglass frames, well known for their rich and deep color, were the mainstream in eyewear industry with its nature of improving comfort by providing softer contact with users’ skin during the middle of the 20th century.

However, when it comes to the manufacturing process, celluloid is not suitable for mass production due to its high flammability that takes much time and effort to process.

Handing over the skilled craftsmanship for celluloid frames faces coming to an end as time goes by with mass production age. The designer, Fujiki Kumagai, was deeply concerned about this market fact as he has been in the fashion industry for long and it made him launched his eyewear brand "kearny" in 2013.

He named "kearny" after Kearny Street in San Francisco where he used to be nesting when every time he visited there for thrifting a few chunks of the week as a vintage clothing buyer and put a wish “crossing of history and culture” into the name. Celluloid parts are used for all the glasses he designs to maintain the craftsmanship that defined the generation in future ages.

He pays great respect to the designs that vividly colored each period and continues exploring his dedicated manufacturing that integrate what he sees with his eyes and things touched by his hands into the products.



テンプル長 : 145mm

レンズサイズ(横×縦) : 47mm×39mm

ブリッジ : 21mm